Artful Photography

On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur 

Photography is a form of art that I use to get lost. Lost in the moment, lost in time and in this beautiful experience we call life. And getting lost is what helps me find myself.


It is a tool to fully and deeply feel the connection between all there is – and the love that comes with it. The pure love of nature and her complex perfection. The love for humans, their stories, their visions and their dreams. The love of deep coherences, connections and relationships.


In my work, I  capture what affects and moves me.  And I am seeking the heart and soul of it – finding the story of being, of life itself, right within.


Photography has always been and still is a humbling, connecting experience to me. Like a keyhole, it offers a glance at this world from another being’s perspective. So – like every form of art – it becomes a delicate link between the internal and external world. 


Let me take you on this wonderful adventure – on a journey to heart and soul. Let’s explore all this magnificent beauty there is, finding new perspectives as we go. I can’t wait.

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