The acroamatic biophile’s Perspective

On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur 

Existing as a human being for this brief moment in all of time is a golden chance. A chance to experience the unfathomable magic of life, the wonders of creation itself. To deeply feel alive with all senses wide open and full consciousness.

To be gently touched by the soft caress of a warm sunbeam in the refreshing air of spring, to hear the choir of birds speaking a truth we only understand with our hearts, to dig my toes into the cooling soil of a thriving earth, to lay my hands on the sturdy bark of an old tree sensing the pulsing energy of life and death in the tingling of my fingertips – this is life to me.

Photography allows me to deep dive head first into this vibrant serenity of being. The sense of limiting time and space vanishes with my senses all open, focused on the here and now. Getting lost in the moment until what I value most finds me eventually. Authenticity, depth, essence and love.

I am profoundly in love with what I photograph. I take the time to open my heart to it. To listen. To understand. To eventually get to the essence of it.
Be sure – when I take a photo of you, I will learn to love you. I will learn to see you out of love’s perspective. So you can see yourself from that perspective, too.

For shooting inquiries or print orders simply write me an e:mail.